Thursday, April 9, 2009

Life and death

I agree with those who say everyone should have a good life. Of course.

But I do not agree with trying to legislate it into being. The point is, people live and people die. Period. While governments may be verygood at providing protection through the military and other benefits, it is simply awful at caring for its citizens. That is as it should be. You and I are ones who need to care. WE are the ones who need to be there to care for those in need. Governments are ill-equipped to provide such care. No sum of money can replace the need of regular people to just be kind to one another. There are very few programs, subcommittees, cooperatives, or other federally funded undertakings that will keep people from procreation, or from death. We can blithely pass off all of our self-inflicted wounds on a system that was not built to handle such matters, but look at the result. in the US, WE are the government. If it is not doing well, WE are not doing well. The US government is simply a mirror of the level of apathy to which this country has plummeted over the last 60 years. Perhaps the tendency to not wish to take responsibility for one's own actions is a flaw of human nature, but it IS one that can be recognized and handled on an individual basis. The answer is not blaming the goverment.

Take a look in the mirror. There you will see the problem and the answer to the vast majority of today's woes. But remember, people live and people die. These are facts, and they cannot be countermanded by any federal initiative.

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