Friday, March 28, 2008

Heads up, people.

I heard Laura Ingraham and Geraldo Rivera on the radio going at it one morning over illegal aliens...well, instead of fighting about it, we should either enforce the laws that are on the books, or repeal them and introduce new legislation. But - our track record with enforcement is the real issue here. Who is to say that the new laws would be enforced any better than the existing laws? No matter how we deal with it, it is going to be a phenomenally expensive and uphill battle.

But until new legislation is passed, I believe staunch enforcement of existing laws is the answer. The war in Iraq is taking an immense toll on this country in terms of lost lives and tax dollars. I think we should scale back our presence there (but not abandon the cause), and use that manpower and money to fight a battle that is much closer to home. Build that wall, guard those airports, and transport known illegals back to their country of origin. Though originally a nation of immigrants, our forefathers devised laws to ensure that our freedoms and national resources be available first and foremost to United States citizens. There is a REASON we refer to these people as "illegal" aliens. Their presence here is in violation of federal law. This is a great country, and simply giving that greatness away is unfathomable. It SHOULD be difficult to become a naturalized American. By even considering giving amnesty to lawbreakers we are taking the teeth out of any controls we have against unbridled immigration into this country. We have taken tolerance to a dangerous height in this country.

We have for far too long ignored the need to take action to keep America safe from the inherent dangers that illegal aliens pose. We have allowed them to do the work that many of us see as menial, working illegally "under the table" or for wages far below normal. They fill our emergency rooms and populate our prisons, receive welfare benefits and drive on our roads without being properly licensed, sell drugs, but the majority of us have remained silent. For that silence we are now paying a heavy price.

I want being an American to continue to mean something. I am a citizen of the greatest nation ever to be on this planet. I cannot rationalize, under any circumstances, the demeaning of our great country for the sake of expediency or any other reason. So - no more Mr. Nice Guy - Get a green card, or get lost.

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