Thursday, February 14, 2008

The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune

Obama, huh? Change, change change...what in the world is so bad? Are we not the greatest nation on the earth? What changes can an inexperienced, never-in-the-military child make? Will he put an end to hunger? No. Homelessness? No. Poverty? Wrong again. The changes he will make (and he WILL make them) are those that will weaken this country by putting an even bigger government in place, a dumbing-down of monumental proportions. We The People are too stupid and too out of touch to make our own decisions. Isn't that right, Mr. Obama?

I watched one of my favorite entertainers tonight, one Mr. Stevie Wonder, receive a NAACP award. He went up onstage and seized the opportunity to extoll the virtues of Barack Obama, encouraging all those listening to vote for him. Please keep in mind that Mr. Wonder is a musical genius, not a political one. I thought it sad to hear Mr. Wonder give such high praise to a man who would render moot all of the sacrifices our men in uniform have made in the Middle East so that Mr. Wonder and others like himself can continue to enjoy the freedoms and the rights that all of us too often take for granted.

Go away, Barack, go away.

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